Kymberly Janelle Photography is a boutique portrait photographer located in the downtown Kansas City that offers hair and professional makeup artistry with every Senior Session. I work with each girl to customize the the ideal shoot that embodies who they are from their outfits, accessories, and every location they choose.

You’re only a senior ONCE.  So this truly is a once in a lifetime experience. This is your opportunity to feel every bit as beautiful as you truly are.

I was a fashion model a decade ago and know what it is like to be in front of the camera.I make sure and walk my seniors through exactly how to pose, what to do with their hands to achieve a beautiful portrait. There is no awkwardness in front of my camera.

My senior photography work has been featured on Senior Style Guide & Pose Patch.

Senior session fee starts at $200 and includes professional makeup artist.
You can book your senior session as early as one year in advance.
Typically clients book 4-12 weeks in advance.
To receive more information regarding your senior session call me me at:  (360) 820-4534
or email me at:


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