Three years ago I picked up a camera. By accident really. A friend had a dslr and I thought it would be fun to play around with it. Seemed simple enough. So I asked my friend while at a friends bridal shower if I could use it. He obliged and I was in for the shock of my life. I pushed the shutter button expecting to see a beautiful image and to my shock all I saw was white. Horror set in. Then embarrassment. What had I done? I showed my friend. “What happened?” I asked. He smiled adjusted a few buttons and settings and handed it back to me. I tried taking a picture again. PHEW. This time it was well exposed [I didn’t even know what exposure meant at that point]. For the rest of the afternoon I snapped away not daring to change the settings on the camera. And I had this feeling. I had only had ‘this feeling’ once before in my life. I knew, that I knew, that I knew that photography was something I was going to do with my life. And the rest is history. Really.

8 months later I bought my first dslr camera. 6 months later I started my business after figuring out what ISO, F/stop and exposure meant. And I fell in love with creating. Along the way I have found myself in inspiration ruts, I have found myself facing fears. Other times I feel like I am bursting full of ideas. But at the end the of the day I know that this photography business is something that I was created for. My inspiration to photograph is life. Life is short, life is beautiful. I want to capture your story. I want to capture who you are. Life is beautiful.


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